Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time Trial Performance - Call for Volunteers

Do you want to improve your Time Trial Performances?
Can you spare 1 morning per week?

Then....Be like the Pro's and get paid to train!!

I am currently recruiting for an upcoming research project entitled; The effects of a carbohydrate mouth rinse on cycling time trial performance commenced in a fed or fasted state. We all know the importance of carbohydrate (CHO) during endurance events. It is the main fuel source at intensities above ~ 60%max and we only have a limited supply. The body stores enough carbohydrate in the liver and muscles to last ~2hrs. Any event lasting longer than this that is performed at a moderate to high intensity requires CHO to be consumed to supplement supply from the liver and muscles.

Surprisingly though, it has been shown that even during high intensity short duration exercise (<60min) when CHO stores are at no risk of running out, consuming CHO can improve performance. This observation has been put to the test using various cycling time trial models. It is believed that there are receptors in the mouth that can sense CHO and relay messages to the brain that help improve neural output to the muscles. This has been proven using medical imaging techniques of the brain. One study measured the brains response to a CHO drink compared to a non-CHO placebo. The CHO drink caused certain parts of the brain that are related to muscle control to become active and we believe it is this link that allows an increase in self selected intensity.

To test this performance enhancing effect a little further my next study requires a group of subjects to perform a series of 1hr cycling TT under several different conditions. Our research is carried out at RMIT University in our Exercise Metabolism Laboratory at Bundoora (Melbourne, AUS). For this I need 12 willing participants to complete one TT per week for 6 weeks. Subjects need to be male, aged ~18-35 and be currently riding >250km/week. Subjects get paid upon completion of the trials, undergo full VO2max testing and receive numerous physiological and cycling performance reports. It past similar trials have been a great experience for myself and the subjects to get some great TT experience and learn some ways to improve performance.
If you think you have one morning per week free and an interest in participating then please contact me at

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